Symptoms Of Internal Hemorrhoids - 2 Tell Tale Signs That You Have Internal Piles

We see advertisements on TV and on the web about piles, so we know that they are common. But what exactly are piles? In short, they are enlarged veins under the skin. They can develop either in the anal canal inside of the rectum, or right outside the anal cavity.

No more stress on your anal parts - The next piles treatment is to control stress on the veins. If you sit for a long time, it could aggravate your hemorrhoids. Thus, you should stand periodically whenever possible to relieve this stress.

We all like junk food. It's very common to enjoy this kind of food because the fact is it just TASTES good. Not to mention how handy and available it is. But the sad fact is processed food is not only bad for your health but when you are suffering from piles it magnifies the problem by giving you constipation which leads to piles. Bottom line is you must try to avoid the junk food.

Protruding Mass - With external piles you can feel the swelling around the anal opening. Internal piles cannot always be detected but as they become worse they may protrude during a bowel movement and then retract by themselves on completion. If the condition becomes worse the piles may not go back. This is one of the causes of anal leakage.

Research continues into why read more piles occur in the first place. In truth, we do not completely know why they occur, or rather, we believe that a number of factors can cause a person to get piles. High on the list of these factors is constipation. Another is age. Toilet habits and general lifestyle issues can also influence whether a person will suffer from the problem. For women, pregnancy is a typical cause. Ultimately some people will be more prone to getting piles than others. They are genetically predisposed to the condition.

Flavonoid Supplements. Many doctors suggest taking flavonoid supplements to reduce piles. Flavonoids are pigments that give vegetables their color. Some foods high in flavonoids are soya and onions. Flavonoids can ease inflammation and strengthen the blood vessels.

You can also cure piles with the help of onions and turnip. It might look strange to you, but onions are thought to be very effective treatment for anus bleeding. You will just need around 30gm of onion, very finely rubbed with water and then added to some sugar. It can be taken along with water every night for the most effective treatment. You can also use some crushed onion which is roasted in aches as a treatment of piles. Turnip leaves are also thought be very effective for the treatment of piles. This juice can be mixed well along with carrots and spinach to get the best results.

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